1. OFFERS 1.1. The offered products and / or services are clearly and accurately depicted, and / or described in the shop and / or written offers and / or other media. They are as complete as reasonably described and possess the qualities required by Shawls-online.nl in the range mentioned. The listing will clearly indicate what the customer by purchase and what his rights and obligations, if he accepts the offer. 1.2. Pashmina, shawl.nl guarantees that the specified item prices for the duration of the offer price is not raised will be subject to any interim tax increases, legislative measures, to change purchase prices or changes in VAT rates. 1.3. The range of Shawls-online.nl is mainly focused on the Dutch market. Shawls-online.nl does not deliver to customers outside the Benelux at the same prices and conditions. 

2. ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS 2.1. Whatever the customer when ordering chosen method of payment, Shawls-online.nl reserves the right to orders not to perform or at a later time to perform. Shawls-online.nl is also authorized to deliver products only after the customer has a Shawls-online.nl certain advance has done. Upon written request of the customer will be given the reason. 

3. TERM VIEW 3.1 All offers are subject to a trial period of 14 days, unless the offer expressly stated otherwise. 3.2. During the approval period may be reviewed articles on quality and performance, which also means that the customer is entitled to apply the article. 3.3. The trial period also implies that the customer is entitled within the approval period reviewed articles without any obligation to return. The returned items can not be worn (other than appropriate), used or damaged. Furthermore no labels, price tags, etc. removed. The cost of return shipping shall be borne by the customer. Returns should be in original packaging. Non-or postage due returns will be rejected. 3.4. The approval period starts on the day of delivery of the article by TPG Post or forwarder. If the package is delivered by TPG Post, it is assumed that the episode took place on the business day following the date stated on the invoice. 3.5. Proof that the customer has made timely use of his power to return within the trial period, rests with the customer. Shawls-online.nl accepts in this respect by the TPG Post stamped or signed by the carrier returns memo or note, a proof of postage, or a similar document.

4. CONCLUSION Sales 4.1. If the items within the trial period on the Shawls-online.nl indicated have been returned, the purchase agreement shall be deemed to have closed on the day following the date of expiry of the approval period. If the approval period under Article 3.1 is excluded, the contract shall be deemed to have closed on the day following the date stated on the invoice.

5.  SUPPLY  5.1  Shawls-online.nl will do everything possible to accepted orders as soon as possible to deliver. If delivery is delayed, either temporarily out of stock or for other reasons or if an order is not or only partially carried out, the customer will be notified. The client in that case have the right to the remaining order in writing or orally to cancel. 5.2. If an ordered item is not available, and Shawls-online.nl decision to send a replacement item will Shawls-online.nl it to the client communicate and consult with the customer. If the customer within the trial period in writing otherwise, will be assumed that the replacement meets the ordered case. Otherwise, customers may substitute the article on cost-Pashmina shawl.nl return. The remainder of the provisions of Article 3. 5.3. The mode of transport is determined by Shawls-online.nl. The customer pays a contribution towards the postage. If the order is carried out in parts, this contribution shall be calculated only once. Applicable shipping costs are included in the order summary. 5.4. If a package by mail can be sent to the customer, this Shawls-online.nl by the name of the customer on behalf of Shawls-online.nl offered by TPG Post.

6. TRANSPORTATION RISK 6.1. Shawls-online.nl carries the risk of damage and loss of items. After the items have been received by customers, the risk of damage and loss to the customer. 6.2. In case of return in the viewing period is the transport risk again, Pashmina shawl.nl on, after the articles through the TPG post office or by Pashmina shawl.nl designated carrier, have been received. 6.3. If one or more articles had gone astray, requires the customer agrees, at its first request to cooperate in the investigation. Failure to meet this obligation Shawls-online.nl price of articles entitled the customer to recover.

7. WARRANTY 7.1. Shawls-online.nl guarantees the quality and / or usability of its products supplied, conform the specifications. 7.2. In case of visible defects, the customer the article, written after consultation with Shawls-online.nl sufficient postage to return within the trial period, subject to notice of the defect. Shawls-online.nl will then replace the item or repair, and shipping costs reasonably incurred. 7.3. In case of hidden defects, or in case of visible defects after the trial period, or in case of complaints made about repairs, any complaint to come within two months after discovery of the defect by the customer. The complaint should include a description of complaints and / or identified weaknesses and could include electronic, written or telephone place. If the customer in writing to repair or replacement requests, Shawls-online.nl decide whether the article will be repaired or replaced. Articles in the customer's own initiative submit, are the transport for his account. Shawls-online.nl is then not responsible for damage incurred during transportation. In other cases, the provisions of Article 7.2 .

8. PAYMENT 8.1. If the customer has selected the order for payment by bank transfer, debit or IDeal payment via bank or giro card, Shawls-online.nl send the ordered items within three days after her account was credited, subject to article 5.1.

9. REFUNDS 9.1. Already paid for items within the trial period be returned by the customer or operation shall, under conditions set by Shawls-online.nl will not be at the conclusion of the agreement are repaid. Repayments made excluding the contribution of the customer shipping costs. 9.2. Reimbursement shall be made within 30 days once the customer has indicated in writing how he wants to see out the repayment.

10. COMPLAINTS 10.1. Shawls-online.nl endorses the General Conditions of the distance and by mail by the Thuiswinkel.org in consultation with the Consumers have been prepared.

11. OTHER PROVISIONS 11.1. By placing an order, each customer is hereby unconditionally agree to these terms of sale. 11.2. On this sale is exclusively Dutch law.

12. Deliver your order, if they are in stock within 48 hours provided to you. The shipping and delivery costs are borne by Shawls-online.nl. Orders via regular mail sent to you. Uses of gift envelopes which fit through the letterbox. This means that these orders do not have to stay home to receive the order to take.

13. SAFE ONLINE SHOPPING AND PAY FOR Shawls-online.nl We think it important that you feel familiar with your order with Shawls-online.nl. Therefore, we use reliable payment systems, such as online payments with IDEAL which can easily and securely through your own bank can pay. Once you have chosen your item and your address information completely filled out, you can choose to make payment. Shawls-online.nl offers the following online payment methods: • iDEAL, pay online through ING, Rabobank, Fortis, SNS and ABN AMRO • Forward • transfer payment, delivery and payment • COD (fee € 12.50). All payment details are protected and can not be seen shawl.nl pashmina-and / or used.

14. CONFIRMATION BY E-MAIL After the order confirmation e-mail after the order Once you have placed your order, it will be confirmed by Shawls-online.nl via email. It is therefore important the correct and full e-mail to let us know. Nb. The confirmation email is not proof of payment. It is only a confirmation of your order placed by Shawls-online.nl.

15. RETURNS / COMPLAINTS / COMMENTS If your order does not meet your needs, you can return your order. For a correct return procedure, please send us within 14 days after receiving the order, an e-mail with your complaint and / or comment. Shawls-online.nl will return within 2 working procedure via e-mail to confirm. Damaged items can of course completely free of charge to our returns. Before returning an item which is not damaged, but that does not meet your needs, delivery will be at your expense. Please pay attention to the following, only unworn items with original tag and in original packaging can be easily returned. Obviously, we will upon receipt of your return to ensure an early repayment on your account.

16. BUY SAFE AND FUN WITH Shawls-online.nl We know and understand how important it is that you enjoy and trust buys and pays. We will therefore always be here with the utmost care to assist.